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for the teacher of the year and the national teacher candidate is from oakland. and unified school district. and it was a wonderful event, really highlighting, the work of our teachers across the state. and i wanted you to announce that the mayor's teacher and principal of the month awards are up for nomination, and if you visit and go to the education website you can nominate your teacher or principal and it is a wonderful award that they receive monetary and visibility and recognition that they deserve. and last week, we also did the giant sweep, with lincoln high school and pain and our president racel norton and there will be four events celebrating the giant sweep that occurred last season and there will be four clean up days throughout this city.
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and the launch for the giants it was a really great event. and that was attended by 200 of our lincoln high school students. it was a really great event and i am looking forward to the upcoming three that will follow which will be other clean up events throughout the city. thank you. >> i just would like to, announce that commissioner fewer and i, vice president fewer and i were at the perfect attendance celebration last saturday at brett heart elementary school. the foundation puts on a wonderful, wonderful event and they had floors and they had lunch for everybody. the students all got a medal. and it was really a wonderful celebration and my thanks to the foundation for putting on, or helping us to put on such a
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wonderful event and also, just to on the giant's clean sweep. i just want to thank the mayers and the giants for including the students as part of the team and i think that this is going to be a fun activity for them this year and there is a lot of opportunities to both do the art projects and creative things around the clean up and litter but also to actually volunteer in their neighborhoods. so, thank you. to them. and vice president fewer? >> thank you. >> i just wanted to congratulate the san francisco pta on another founder's day dinner and it is going to be this friday, and it is $50 a person and i believe miss parker are there seats still available? >> yes, there are. >> would you mind just going on the speaker and just letting folks now how they may be able to tend this event? >> yes, thanks, it is this
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friday, from 6 to 9 p.m., at patio espano. and we are happy to have anybody come, teachers, parents and community members and anybody that supports the pta and it is an opportunity to celebrate the work in our schools every day. and we are going to be recognizing a number of people with awards for what is happening in their schools. we will also be having our newly elected assembly person getting the address and our own superintendent will be speaking and we will be recognizing state pta president with the gold milk award. so you can send me an e-mail if you like to come, that is president at or you can look at our facebook page and you can find the information there. >> thank you, miss parker, i would also like to mention that i have participated in african american read allowed day at paul revere school i and i read
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about a book to a class about giten who started the hidelberg project. i would like to thank the fund to promoting that and putting that on. >> commissioner maufus. >> i think that all of the volunteers and schools that participated in the african american read a, loud day. >> next year don't wait for a spot to read because they were in demand and it was a such a wonderful experience and we welcome everyone from all cultural backgrounds to read to aur students. and so we look forward to the future participation. thank you very much. everybody. for reading. >> yes? >> i am very sorry. please, join mayor and the commissioner attorney, on thursday, valentines day for one billion rising, it is the
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15th anniversary of ansblerg's work and he is orchestrating one billion rising dance revolution, including 190 countries all over the world to come together and really rise to end violence against women. so that with the school of the arts tico group will be kicking things off at city hall at 4:00, so it is 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. and the commissioners should all have received an invitation to be there with our elected city elected department heads and youth commissioners and student advisory council to lead a pledge against violence, so it is a free, event and valentines day 4:00 to 6:00 at city hall. >> thank you. >> all right, item t, report of closed section actions. >> >> the board approved by a vote
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of 7 ayes, the approval of one vice principal and one supervisor. and the expulson of one middle school student. and the expulsion of one middle school student. >> and proved a stipulate you lated agreement of one high school student. >> and approved by 6 ayes and 1 nay fewer. >> and item v, adjournment. commissioner wynns will adjourn the meeting in honor of our former superintendent. >> let's see if i can get through this. our former superintendent as you heard dr. arlena passed away in albuquerque, new mexico on february second, a few weeks after her 66's birthday, if you were here, you know how she liked to celebrate her birthday, so we are happy that she got to mark that milestone.
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dr. akerman received her doctorate from the harvard school of education, and was one of the greatest successes as the first graduate to actually become the superintendent of a major urban school district. she was superintendent in three major districts washington, d.c., san francisco and philadelphia, as well as having been a teacher, principal and administrator in missouri, and chief academic advisor in seattle. and also held two masters degrees in education and one from harvard and washington university from st. louis as well as teacher's college. in july of 2000, she became the first permanent female and the first african american superintendent until 2007. she came to us during an unsettled time in history and spent years cleaning up our financial weaknesses uncovering problems with our systems and strengthens our administrative infrastructure. i have a photo in my office of
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her and then general counsel that i refer to as the $53 million photo. it was taken right after we found out that we would be receiving a $53 in restitution and rewards related to our building systems lawsuit settlement. we were able to redo all of the internal systems that had been ineffectively installed. caused by the demise of the company and used that to avoid any layoffs that year. during her time we were one of the five finalists in the 2005 prize for education receiving $100,000 for students scholarships, in 2004, we became the highest achieving urban school system in california as we have been ever since. superintendent included the development of the stars, the student and teachers achieving results program that reorganized the district more equality to oefp most
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challenged schools. we developed and implemented the way that the budgets programs and all of which remain in place today and have become integral parts of the parts of our district. after she left san francisco, she joined the teacher's college of colombia university, where she served as the director of the urban director's program and the scholars similar pose um. in 2008 she was the superintendent of the school district of philadelphia where she remained for three years. she received numerous honors and awards, including in 2010, the richard r. green award for educator of the year from the council of the great city of the schools the highest urban education award and was superintendent of the year by the national association of black school educate ors in 2004. also served on the president's board of advisors historically black colleges and universities. she should be remembered as a warrior for equity and
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desegregation. >> she rode the bus as a child as part of the first groups of african american students to integrate the st. louis schools and devoted her professional life to the education of america's neediest children. as we begin to lose the men and women who have had this experience we need to redobl our commitment to diversity, she was not always honored as she deserved but i am happy to be able to report that she end of her life she looked on her time in san francisco as the best and most productive of her professional career. her illness was short, but difficult, and much too early. i feel privileged to have been her friend as well as her colleague and i got to spend a day with her late in december. i am going to miss her, i already misser. public education in america is poorer for her loss, she leaves her two sons anthony and matthew and her four grand daughters as well as her friends and colleagues and the board of education expresses
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our sincerist condolences as well as our thanks to her service to our community. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. >> the meeting is adjourned.
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